Now that Tata Motors has firmed up a deal with Ford to acquire Land Rover and Jaguar, the Indian company can set their eyes on the future.

With Ford agreeing to supply the two brands for the next quarter, Tata can work a little more on long term planning for the two new brands without sacrificing efforts to become ready for their acquisitions.

AutoWeek has published a timeline for the two companies through 2016.  We begin first with 2009, where it looks like the Jaguar XFR and XKR will continue on, as planned, with a new 5.0-liter V8.  The direct-injection petrol engine will be available with a supercharger, getting up to 500 horsepower.  380 hp for the naturally aspirated engine.  Meanwhile, over at Land Rover, the updated Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will also get the new V8s from Jaguar.  Both Range Rovers will get a bit of an overhaul inside, with new instruments and trim.

2010 should see the entrance of an updated Jaguar XJ, as the X-Type gets put to pasture.  Keeping its elite status feel, the XJ will give driver and passengers a bit more room inside.  The X-Type, which never quite got the fan base Jaguar expected, will likely go away as the new decade begins.  A facelift is also coming to the Land Rover LR3, with an updated interior being included.  Upgrades will include a new console and instrument panel.  The previously mentioned naturally-aspirated 380 hp V8 will likely be found on this SUV.

A production version of the Land Rover LRX concept should become the sixth model in Land Rover's 2011 lineup.  Meant to compete against the MINI Cooper and Audi TT, the diminutive three-door could be a home run for Tata if the current supermini consumers decide they need a slightly bigger vehicle.

Aiming for a $50,000 price point, the production version of the two-seat Jaguar F-Type concept could see its debut in 2012.  With Tata at the helm, it would not be surprising to see this car fast tracked and possibly released in 2011.  We also would not be surprised to see a new concept or prototype of this car in 2010.  2012 may aso see a seven-seat version of the Land Rover LRX, but meant to keep a bit of sex appeal.

Five years fron now, we would like to see the Jaguar XF Coupe.  This could come in 2013, but Tata could also red light the project.  At Ford-owned Jaguar, the car was based more on the C-XF concept as a short hardtop.  A brand new Range Rover is due out in 2013.  Expected to be larger but sportier, design of a new Range Rover could still be modified by the new owners.  AutoWeek seems to think a $200,000 Range Rover with alloy body and hybrid powertrain is not unlikely.

The all-new Jaguar XF should show up in 2014 with an alloy body.  An all-new Range Rover Sport will likely appear this year as well, but with an aluminum body.  Land Rover may introduce the all-new Land Rover Defender this year as well, with Tata planning on putting forth a simple 4x4 for developing markets.  Tata could also create a similar 4x4 under the Tata moniker, and share platforms.

Over the 2015-2016 two-year period, Tata should bring us an all-new Jaguar XJ to replace 2010's facelifted the Jaguar XJ.  An all-new Land Rover LR3 may come out this year as well.

What Happens Next at Land Rover and Jaguar?