Remis by HS Motorsport is a tuner special based on the VW Scirocco. It makes maximum power of 290hp, with a 320hp version available on request.

This year's Wörthersee tour featured plenty of cars as usual. One of the eye-catchers present was the Volkswagen Scirocco coupe. Tuners HS Motorsport decided to take the tour out of its venue and into their workshop by making this car they call Remis. The Munich-based company started by reworking the standard 2.0-litre TSI engine to produce more power.

Coming from the factory the 2.0-litre registers 200hp (147kW) on the dyno. HS changed the air intake system and the exhaust system. The latter consists of a 70mm flame pipe, a new EU-approved catalytic converter, rear and front mufflers. Together these and one or two other additions now give the engine 290hp (213kW). HS doesn't stop there. Promises of a 320hp (235kW) pack have been made for the buyer with more performance requirements. Braking power comes from Brembo via special narrow one-piece discs and callipers.

The body kit is made of a carbon fiber front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper. The car runs on 245/30 ZR20 matt black rims with 9x20 with Vredestein tyres.

Inside HS installed heated Recaro Sportster CS seats with black Remis-special leather upholstery and white Remis embroidery.

Gallery: VW Scirocco special edition “Remis” by HS Motorsport