The double amputee is the one standing tall after years of harassment from nosy neighbors.

As car enthusiasts and also people with the fundamental decency to respect others in their pursuit of happiness, we’ve followed this story with both frustration and admiration. We hope this is indeed the final chapter, because it ends with the good guy victorious over his villainous neighbors. Again.

We’re speaking about Charles Williams and his super-duper garage in the small town of Harbeson, Delaware. To bring everyone up to speed, Williams is an avid car guy who lost both of his legs in a construction accident. He loves to work on cars, and he built a nice garage on his own property to pursue his passion. It’s not a business – Williams wrenches on his own cars, and because his garage is pretty much the envy of every gearhead in the country, his friends come over to hang out.


Read Williams' garage backstory:


Two of his neighbors apparently felt Williams was having too much fun for someone with no legs, so they started a petty legal battle that went all the way to the Delaware Supreme Court. Those stories are told in the links above if you want to revisit them, but the summary is that these neighbors lost every single battle on every single complaint, which ranged from excessive noises and smells to code violations and accusations of running an illegal repair shop.

And now, the nefarious neighbors can add another loss to their column. The highest court in Delaware affirmed the lower court’s decision on June 30 with no exceptions.




Honestly, we can understand why some people would have issues living next door to a car fanatic. Nobody wants to see junk pickups up on cinderblocks, stacks of tires, or assorted car parts strewn across a lawn. Nobody wants to smell paint fumes and listen to engines revving in the wee hours of the morning. But judging by the photos and video of Williams’ garage, this is so not anything like that.

After numerous court decisions, visits from county officials, and inspections of the garage and property, not a single thing was found wrong with what Williams was doing on his own property. Now that the Delaware Supreme Court has said as much, here’s hoping the self-righteous neighbors finally get the hint and leave this upstanding car guy alone.

Source: The Cape Gazette, Jalopnik

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