The BMW X1 on this teaser shot may be out of focus but the hype campaign being run by the brand certainly is not. Taken on a sunny beach the picture should appeal to much of the vehicle's target market.

Your screen does not need adjustment, nor is the picture out of focus. The image of the white BMW X1 which you are obviously so deeply focused on is blurred by design. It's part of yet another teasing game by BMW to build hype around the company's newest and smallest SUV. Websites like FaceBook have been used to drum up support with the target market which consists mainly of young people.

After plenty of spy pictures and official teaser images and videos the X1 will finally make a splash into the European market this autumn. Power will come from petrol and turbo diesel engines with horsepower figures of up to 204.

Wait for the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show for some face time. Full clear frontal shots will probably become available some time before then. And by that we mean shots of the car.


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