LP560-4 the shot gun is now the main squeeze at Lamborghini after the stopping of Superleggera production.

We all know that Ferrucio Lamborghini was a flamboyant character, that he began the now famous brand after deep dissatisfaction in dealing with Enzo and his Ferraris. So it appears the thousands of Lambo owners are similar in character. Why the Superleggera, now stopped production, sold the most in the brightest colors of orange and yellow. The US examples we are talking about, 172 of them, were split into 46 orange, 45 yellow, 37 black, 34 grey and 10 white. One or three dealers may still have stock of the Superleggera, but don’t count on it as demand was sufficiently high right from the beginning. Your best bet then would be the used car market where its value will still be substantial.

When the suits of Lambo announced the LP560-4 claps were heard to come from all and sundry, thanks to the new car’s very arresting bold looks and that V10 lump of power producing some 412kW. Its takes the car 3.7 seconds to reach 100km/h from zero and it goes on until the end, which is at 325km/h.

Lamborghini Has Stopped Gallardo Superleggera Production