Moscow-based design studio Status Design has come up with this 'body-whale' kit for the Cayenne. The full rendering is due to be published later this year.

A Moscow tuning studio has come up with this.

Status Design has released this picture of their re-imagining of the Porsche Cayenne. They call it the body-whale, although, it looks more like some kind of stylish vacuum cleaner or another design-happy home appliance.

The term body-whale is obviously meant to invoke some kind of marine-animal sense of sleekness and power but the design doesn't really seem to match that. The front end actually looks a little like a Peugeot, with a few extra levels to the four-tiered grille. And what about that grille? It looks like a Venetian blind.

The Russian tuning studio tells us the body kit is made out of high-quality plastic and carbon. Which hints at the notion that this thing will actually be made some day.

The good news is, though, that as of now, it's still only a rendering that is due to be published this fall.

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