Alfa Romeo has announced it will be offering its MultiAir engine technology on the MiTo coming this fall.

MulitAir is a technology developed (and patented, Fiat sternly reminds us) by Fiat Powertrain Technologies to improve engine management and combustion. The result is an increase in power and a reduction in emissions and fuel consumption. Fiat boasts that MultiAir provides for a 10 percent boost in power and a 15 percent improvement in torque. Consumption and CO2 are also reduced by about 10 percent while MultiAir achieves a reduction in particulates and Nox of up to 40 and 60 percent, respectively.

The MiTo will now be available with the MultiAir 1.4 liter 16v engine in three variants, both turbocharged and normally aspirated. Power levels will be 105, 135 and 170 hp and engines will be coupled to both 5 and 6 gear manual transmissions. The 105 and 135 hp variants will be offered on the entire MiTo range while the 170 hp version will be a special edition called the Quadrifoglio Verde MiTo (Green Four-Leaf Clover) which will debut sometime after the launch of the MultiAir system on the MiTo.

The MultiAir engines will be on offer on the Alfa Romeo MiTo starting in September.


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