This rendering is a testimonial to the Plymouth Road Runner of the early 1970s. The artist was quite impressed with the cars, their muscles and overall heritage. Thus he decided a visual impression was the order of the day.

The pictures, although harking back to that past period, also dip a little into the future. How ironic, given the fact that Plymouth is no longer a brand to consider when talking about the present, never mind the future. Nevertheless the front end is dramatic with headlights that are tinted. These don't become visible until they are turned on. Air comes in through the big front grille. Scoops on the bonnet make it even more aggressive.

Fitted to run the thing are 20-inch wheels at the front and 22s at the rear. A big air diffuser provides a powerful gap between the two big tailpipes. The taillights are similar to the front lights in that they only become visible when turned on.

The low roof line and wide wheel arches point to a proper muscle car and for extra chic appeal the artist put a glass roof on the car and it sits on aluminium A-pillars. Too bad Plymouth will not be making this car.


Gallery: Rendered Speculation: Plymouth Road Runner Concept

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