Racing legend did about 20 laps at the Fiorano track with the 599 GTB HGTE during a driving course event held by Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher was on hand at the Fiorano race track, where Ferrari was doing its school thing, to run a few laps with the new Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE.

Schumacher, winner of 7 Formula One titles, was a guest at a Pilota Ferrari driving course held by the Italian automaker. He took about 20 laps around the track to test out the new technologies of the HGTE model.

HGTE stands for Handling GT Evoluzione (or Evolution), a new performance package first introduced at the Geneva auto show in March. HGTE features a lower, more stiffened suspension, modified damper settings, and a new sport exhaust sound for the 599 GTB. The package also comes with a few cosmetic enhancements such as an interior carbon-fiber cabin finish with a meaner-looking grill and specialized 20-inch rims on the outside.

Ferrari offers a variety of driving courses, restricted to Ferrari owners, including one that prepares drivers to race in the Ferrari Challenge event. It must have been a treat for those drivers taking a course at Fiorano to get to see (and perhaps even meet) a driving legend such as Schumacher.

Learning to race a Ferrari sounds great. But doing it next to Schumacher might make one feel a little under-talented.

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Michael Schumacher takes the Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE for a spin