Carbon Motors, the future makers of the E7 purpose-built police car, say they have received 10,000 orders for the car. Production sites are still being looked at while launch happens in 2012.

The Carbon E7 seems to be headed for a great start after its owners Carbon Motors announced that it had 10,000 reservations for the vehicle even before it places a price tag on it. The E7 is being marketed as the world's first car to be purpose-built for law enforcement.

It features a host of pieces made from the ground up to assist officers in their policing duties. These include night vision cameras, radiation-detecting air ducts, voice control, backseat video and audio surveillance, and an automatic licence plate recognition system.

The driver is also able to control everything that happens in the car through a 15-inch touch screen monitor similar to what current passenger cars are fitted with. To keep up with the runaway criminal the E7 will be able to run at up to 155mph. Enabling such a high velocity is the 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine that makes 300hp (221kW). Running this motor is a 6-speed automatic transmission which helps it go from 0 - 60mph in 6.5 seconds.

Carbon Motors has identified sites in Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina and Braselton as possible manufacturing bases for the car. The expected date of launch is sometime in 2012.


Carbon Motors receives 10,000 orders for first purpose built police car