The first Toyota Land Cruiser designed by Wald is a real winner. Interest in the SUV began in Eastern Europe, but has spread worldwide... and with good reason.

Japanese company Wald International have certainly brought out some interesting body kits since they got into the modifications game.  In just 15 years, they have built a reputation as a top shelf tuner willing to go after literally any type of Japanese or European premium vehicle.

There latest creation is a company first.  The Wald 200 Land Cruiser Sports Line Black Bison Edition is the first vehicle they've attacked from Toyota that is not a minivan.  It also marks the 8th vehicle in the Sports Line Black Bison lineup.

Others in the range include four Mercedes-Benz models (S-Class W221, CL-Class W216, C-Class W204, and R-Class W251), the Lexus IS F Sports Line, Toyota Alphard, and of course the Nissan GT-R.

Although the Wald Land Cruiser edition was originally purpose-built for the Russian and Eastern European market, a postive response from the rest of Europe, Australia, and the Middle East means the SUV could show up on three different continents.  It's no surprise interest has piqued.  The company was trying to build a vehicle that is, "Aggressive, Powerful and [has a] Muscular Style."  Often times when a tuner goes after just those qualities, they end up going overboard.

But the engineers at Wald managed to style their Land Cruiser in both a strong and dignified manner.  The new front bumper with integrated fog lamps sticks out in a particularly bold way that is matched by the new sidesills.  The rear bumper incorporates the same mesh as seen at the front, while also building in new reflectors and space for the interestingly shaped quad-exhaust.  Blacked-out Mahora M11C 20-inch wheels match the paint pretty well, but we like the five-point chrome-look wheels for the added contrast.  If there is anything that can be removed, it is the rear spoiler, which looks rather out of place.

All in all, this is a very interesting design from a very interesting company.  The Wald 200 Land Cruiser Sports Line Black Bison Edition sales should begin soon if not already.

WALD 200 Land Cruiser SPORTS LINE Black Bison Edition