This guy is 2.59m tall, and has to have everything personalised to his size. Check the size of his shoes for confirmation. His new Chevrolet Tacuma has been slightly tweaked to fit his frame; frame by frame.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Stadnyk, Leonid Stadnyk to be precise. He is in the Guinness World Records book as the tallest man alive, standing at 2.59 metres tall and coming in at over 200kg/ 441 lb. The 36 year-old was listed only last year after years of refusing to be measured by the GWR people. Significant this is, as it places him under heavy everyday stresses, simple things like walking or taking a bath become half missions because very few items are made for his size. Have a look at his shoe for example; they don’t sell such sizes anywhere near where he lives.

It stands to reason then, that the man’s car would also be problematic to enter, let alone drive. Now thanks to a new, specially modified Chevrolet Tacuma, he can drive around town with pleasure. The Tacuma is 4.35 metres long and stands as high as 1.58 metres excluding the roof rack. Several seating arrangements can also be made in the Tacuma, giving Stadnyk an even better driving as well as luggage-loading experience. The shiny blue car was presented to him by Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko who you can see standing beside him in a moment of handshakes, maybe feeling extremely inadequate as a man.

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