3D renderings of a car dubbed the Marussia have appeared. The artist is Krasnov Igor and he seems to have fused design elements from other existing supercars.

These lovely 3D renderings of the Marussia supercar hopefully further entrench the case of how serious Russia is about building a super car in the near future. A Marussia has appeared before through a company called EMM, however, there's no clarity whether the EMM hybrid sports car has any influence on this design proposal or not.

Still on relations, the rendering could be mistaken for a number of existing supercars depending on the angle of observation and perhaps the quality of the lighting. The front end for one, reminds us of the Lamborghini Reventon with its sharp edges and bold air intakes. The Pagani Zonda then takes over towards the rear while the Ferrari F430 and Saleen S7 appear in certain spots along the way.

The rear itself is a work of true drama. Its main attractions are the two jet-inspired turbine designs that house the rear lights clusters. What a sight it could be for the car following right behind it, especially when it takes off and the other guy half expects torches of fire to come out.

Krasnov Igor is the man responsible for this design. He has previously done work like the conceptual Ferrari four-door coupe through which he looked at how such a possible car could look.


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