Check how the new Alfa Romeo Mi.To slides on thick ice in this testing video! Few details appear though, which is fine since official pics are already out.

The driver of the Alfa Romeo Mi.To you see in this video is obviously someone of great skill, while the car doesn’t appear to disappoint, bringing to the party some exemplary handling characteristics. More than that he seems to enjoy thoroughly the job he does in snow, testing the Mi.To under extreme temperatures. MINI it seems, would have to be far more worried about Mi.To’s handling if not about anything else.

Like a digital computer game, the video starts off with the driver picking his weapon of choice – Mi.To – choosing the type of terrain he wants, which is snow, and the track, which is a forest-based twisty track with ups and downs. We don’t get to see much in terms of what the car looks like, thanks to the heavy black disguise that even extends into the interior. Just the red and black seats, indicator and wiper stalks and brushed aluminium-covered steering wheel.

Mi.To is of course, the mini car being planned for production by Alfa Romeo to further extend its range of cars. At this level Alfa is almost competing with parent brand Fiat against its successful 500 which is well equipped.

Video of Alfa Mi.To in Action