A teaser video clip showing the brand new upcoming Bentley Grand Bentley has been released. The car replaces the Arnage range. The official launch is imminent.

Bentley's Arnage is the finest expression of the super luxury brand's automotive prowess. It uses the finest materials and has the best engines fitted to it. The Arnage is the ultimate Bentley, the Zeus of Bentley. A new one is about to be launched and they call it the Grand Bentley.

This teaser video shows a piece of the top front end including a part of the bonnet and the Flying Lady. The team at Crew seems to have deviated very little from the Arnage design formula if the little bits we see are anything to go by.

Reports suggest that the new car will be longer than the current model. More legroom should then be expected at the back where presumably most Arnage buyers spend their time. Redesigned parts also include the front bumper, rear end and tailpipes.

The Arnage has always been a big-engined car so nothing less than that will suffice for the Grand Bentley as well. Some have suggested that the Veyron's 16-cylinder engine will power the range-topping T model. Even the Audi V12 TDI has been touted as a possible motor for the range. Likely pricing should be around £180,000 (US$295,400) for each example.