Maybe you can make a cup faster than any other teapot in the world.

Generally when automakers celebrate an anniversary, they come out with a special edition vehicle with unique badges or upgrades. However, Renault has opted for a very different strategy by marking 40 years of success in Formula One by creating a yellow teapot.

Renault Yellow Teapot

A lightly caffeinated spot of tea doesn’t seem to match the high-speed, ultra-competitive world of F1, so it’s hard to imagine any team using this pot during a race. The design is really attractive, though. It combines Renault’s yellow and black livery by using a dark base, brighter top, and pinstripes for extra visual panache. The angular handle evokes the wing of an F1 car, and the spout references the racer’s nose cone. Plus, the portion where you add water has a resemblance to the vehicles’ cockpit and intake.

More News About Renault:

This product plays on Renault’s nickname for the RS01 Formula One car. Making a debut in 1977, the machine was the first racer in F1 to use turbocharging and kicked off an era of high-horsepower competition with forced induction. Ken Tyrrell, boss at the Tyrrell F1 squad, called the RS01 the Yellow Teapot as a joke, but other teams started using the nickname for Renault’s racing machine.

The Renault Yellow Teapot goes on sale in September and sells for 129 euros ($147 at current exchange rates). The company intends to make just 40 of them. Interested customers can get one from the Atelier Renault on the Champs-Elysées or at the Atelier’s online store. The restaurant there will also be using them, too.

Renault Yellow Teapot

The Renault team battled reliability problems with the RS01 but eventually won the 1979 Grand Prix de France with it. Over time, The French company managed to find success in F1, including 11 Drivers’ Championships and 12 Constructors’ Championships.

Source: Renault

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To celebrate its 40 years of success, passion and pride of appearing amongst the historic F1 makes, Renault has decided to revive this anecdote from the past by creating an actual “Yellow Teapot”.

Renault’s decision to enter the very exclusive Formula 1 world was made in 1975 and was effective starting in 1977 with a car called the RS01.  For the managers of that period, the entry into Formula 1 had to do with introducing engine technology advances. After studies and a lot of thinking, the choice of a turbocompressed engine, which had never been done in Formula 1, was revelatory of Renault’s will and ambition.

So it was at the 1977 Silverstone Grand Prix that Renault took up its position with the first Formula 1 turbo engine in history.  A few years later, the turbo was used by the other racing teams, and still today, modern Formula 1 models are equipped with this technology.

It was foreseeable – and has always been true when new or even revolutionary technologies are introduced – that technical difficulties and reliability problems would crop up, and some things were abandoned.  So, carrying the make’s colours – dominant yellow, black and white – the RS01 often entered the stands lane streaming white smoke, synonymous with engine trouble.

Ken Tyrrell, the boss of the eponymous team, seeing the smoking car pass in front of his garage, yelled out the nickname “Yellow Teapot” as a joke.  The expression was adopted by the membres of his team, then by other teams at the following Grand Prix events.  The RS01 was thereafter nicknamed The Yellow Teapot.

Renault won its first Formula 1 victory just two years later at the Grand Prix de France in Dijon, in 1979, with the RS01.  This victory of Jean-Pierre Jabouille, engineer and driver of the RS01, was an exploit and prowess in terms of speed to winning.

This success and the following ones validated the concept of the Turbo in Formula 1 and won the respect of the British teams, led by the Tyrell team.

This teapot will equip the kitchens of the Atelier Renault restaurant on the Champs-Elysées starting in September.

In design terms, The Yellow Teapot is inspired from the past and present, of the RS01 and of the new RS17, going as far as using the official paint used on it.

It’s a teapot that takes up all the aesthetic codes of the Renault Formula 1 and plays on the design, the graphics and the colours. 

Practical information

  Available early September
  Recommended sale price: €129 (approx. £114)
  Points of sale: Atelier Renault and the e-shop of Atelier Renault (
  Limited edition: 40 pieces


Renault:  40 years in Formula 1

On 16 July 1977, Renault competed in its first Formula 1 Grand Prix and opened a new chapter in its history – a very long history that goes back to the very first races, the very beginnings of automobile competition.  Renault has participated in all types of trials, on circuits, rallies, endurance races… and has won everywhere. In all automobile disciplines, the Renault name reaches the top of the winner’s list at one point or another.  So it was unavoidable that, in its vision of the race, Renault would take an interest in F1 someday, the royal discipline of automobile sports.

Since 1977, forty years have gone by, witnessing a total commitment to the sport. Not only has Renault logged many victories, but each time has contributed its own innovations to chassis, aerodynamics and engines. Today, Renault is an integral part of the Grand Prix world.


11 Drivers’ Championships
12 Constructors’ Championships
170 wins from 24 drivers
481 podiums