We present to you two perfect photos of a near-perfect car. The Aston Martin Rapide was caught unawares in a U.K. parking lot, but how does it compare to the Porsche Panamera?

Finally, we can now show you pictures of a completely uncovered Aston Martin Rapide, thanks to photographer Simon Gregg.  Gregg submitted the photos to the good folks at CAR Online, who quickly posted the pics online.

Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman once said, "We wanted to make the most beautiful four-door sports car in the world."  The British automaker seems to have come very close to achieving their goal.

Although the car is not expected to be introduced to the public until September's Frankfurt Motor Show, these photos show a car that will be stiff competition with rival Porsche.  The $89,000 to $132,600 Porsche Panamera luxury sports car was recently introduced to the public with a 3.6 liter six cylinder generating 300 hp, a 400 horsepower 4.8 liter V8 engine, and a 500 hp turbocharged V8.

While pricing is unknown for the Rapide, it will come with a 6.0-liter V12 generating 470 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque paired with a responsive Touchtronic gearbox.  Performance figures have not been released, but we expect the Rapide to post numbers that are in between the two Porsche Panamera V8 models.  Those cars go 0-60 mph in either 4 seconds or 4.8 seconds, depending on which engine is chosen.

For photographer Simon Gregg, the looks of the car have completely exceeded expectations.  "This new addition from Aston Martin is most certainly going beat the Porsche Panamera in the style stakes!" he told CAR Online.  "It has the same aggresive look of the Vanquish from the rear and even offers the appearance of being a two-door car, rather than a four-door when viewed from certain angles."

Unfortunately, Gregg was not able to get pictures of the interior.  He did say that vehicle has four individual seats, thanks to the center console which splits the entire cabin down the middle.  "The facia and interior door panels share the styling found in the current DBS and V8 range. Rear access is via a Vantage-style rear hatch, which will make loading up very easy," he said.

Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez previously said, "The Rapide will exist in a class all of its own, a true Aston Martin with the high performance and dynamic excellence that defines the brand, and a luxurious sporting grand tourer without equal."

Looks like he wasn't lying.

Aston Martin Rapide caught undisguised in parking lot