German tuning outfit 9ff has released a new set of mods for the 911 GT2. Meet the 9ff BT2, with a 386 km/h top speed, 0-100 time of 3.0 seconds, and 850 horsepower.

German tuners 9ff have released a new tuning package for the Porsche GT2, advancing on their previous design.  The new 9ff BT2 (bi-turbo 2) gives the driver access to a ridiculous amount of power: 850 horsepower, and a maximum 920 Nm of torque.

Perhaps this will send American tuning company Switzer Performance back to the drawing board.  That company released an 800 hp GT2 package just a few days ago.

Although no details yet on engine modifications the BT2's numbers will get the Porsche fanboys salivating.  All that power gets the car from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds.  200 km/h can be achieved in 8.7 seconds, while getting to 300 km/h takes 18.5 seconds.  Eventually, the car will hit its massive top speed of 386 km/h, or 240 mph.

If you want something that is even quicker, 9ff has you covered.  The company is willing to modify the gearing to increase acceleration, while decreasing the car's top speed.

Seen here honoring in its Gulf Livery glory, the car uses lightweight alloys and carbon fiber body panels to keep weight to a minimum.  New body panels include a hood, doors, and roof, all custom built for the project, and all using the original mounting points.  The company claims that the new Aero kit provides an additional 70 kg of downforce at the front, and 90 kilos more at the rear.

Those of you wanting to buy the new 9ff BT2 will have to fork over €285,000.  This amounts to €95,500 over the starting price for a GT2 direct from Porsche.

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