McLaren officials give the car a 50-50 chance of being restored. Rare McLaren F1 supercar, one of only 64 road-ready models made, is insured for 2 million US dollars.

The silver McLaren F1 supercar that caught fire last week on a California road will now be sent back to Britain in the hopes of restoring the vehicle.

The McLaren F1 is owned by Irv Kessler, who was driving the vehicle to Oregon last Monday when a fellow motorist alerted him to the smoke coming out of the back end. The F1's engine bay then burned until firefighters were able to put out the blaze before it spread into the passenger compartment.

Kessler's F1 is one of only 64 road-ready models produced between 1992 and 1998. The one owned by Kessler is a 1995 model which he purchased two years ago.

The car is insured for 2 million US dollars, according to Kessler, and insurance experts in the US told him the car had a 90 percent chance of being restored. McLaren officials weren't as optimistic, giving the car a 50-50 prognosis based on photos they had seen of it.

Have a look-see for yourself. Salvageable?