Voisin no longer exists, but it could get back to life with this new vehicle, created by the Portuguese designer Ernesto Freitas. Power would come from the V12 TDI Audi engine.

Voisin was a French automaker founded by a aviation pioneer, Gabriel Voisin, who produced cars with airplane technology, such as Knight-type sleeve valve engines, from 1919 to 1939. Sadly it never came to life again, as Bugatti managed to do, but maybe the owners of the brand decide to change this when they see the beautiful Voisin Concept, created by a Portuguese design center, LusoMotors.

The main designer and founder of LusoMotors, Ernesto Freitas, told CarBodyDesign.com that, since he always loved French classic cars, he decided to recreate one of the most important ones. Voisin cars were the only ones that could rival a Bugatti at those times, hence the idea to create a supercar to face the Veyron.

Although the Voisin has a mean appearance, it would not beat the Bugatti on the track due to the engine it was conceived to use, a V12 TDI Audi engine, powerful, but not able to beat the 1001 hp the W16 used by the Veyron produces. Anyway, if the Voisin owners decided to revive their car brand, the machine created by Freitas would be a really good candidate for the debut.

Voisin Concept, A Supercar With Portuguese Design