Switzer has introduced a new tuning package for the Porsche 911 GT2. The car now makes 800hp through its custom Garret GT30R-based turbos and all the while running on 93 Octane fuel.

American based tuner Switzer Performance is becoming a familiar name in the game. Their new Porsche GT2-based package puts out a hefty 800hp (588kW) and it achieves this running on 93 Octane. Imagine its fury on 102 Octane racing fuel!

"We were very happy to hit our target numbers," says the main man Tym Switzer. "Of course, but the best part is that the car is still so manageable on the street, at this power level. It is an everyday hyper-performing exotic, and I can't wait to get it out on the track and see how it performs in the hands of a pro driver."

Switzer says this is a truly bolt-on system because the Porsche factory DME has been kept in tact. In fact all the hardware installed is still managed by the stock ECU but running Switzer-specific DME software calibrations.

The Garret GT30R-based turbochargers have been upgraded. They compress massive amounts of air and generate plenty of heat which is cooled using custom Switzer intercoolers. The engine gets its air from larger injectors and custom intake airlets. One of the tuner's proudest pieces is the exhaust system which has been upgraded to handle all this extra power.

Switzer Performance blasted into the public domain with the 1,000hp (735kW) SLEDGEHAMMER project, a 9-second car that was followed up by 10-second 700hp (515kW) Porsches and an 800hp Switzer Nissan R35 GT-R.

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