Hybrid system part of plan to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 35 percent by 2015. Lamborghini will also reduce emissions on production by 30 percent by next year. Employing solar panels at its facility as seen in the photo.

When Lamborghini unveiled the Estoque Concept car last fall, it suggested, without providing any details, that a V8 hybrid version of the 4-door supercar was under consideration. Now, the exclusive Italian automaker has announced it will be developing a hybrid system for future models. Yet, still, the announcement comes with few details.

But there is ample evidence to support Lamborghini's seriousness on improving energy efficiency. For one thing, it has not only developed a plan to reduce by 35 percent the CO2 emissions of its vehicles by 2015, but as a corollary it will also be reducing the CO2 emissions of its factory by 30 percent by next year.

And that is often one of the more obscure points in all the enviro-friendly statistical hoopla automakers release about how they are managing the issue of reducing emissions. Often they are not clear about how they are improving the environmental impact of their production.

Lamborghini will also be conduction research into a hybrid system as part of a 35 million euro investment in that plan to reduce emissions in its vehicles. It cites last year's Gallardo LP 560-4 as a case in point, where non-hybrid technology was employed to deliver a 18 percent reduction in that model's CO2 emissions.

But a hybrid system will only be part of that plan to reduce vehicle emissions by 35 percent. Lamborghini will also be working on improved engine management and combustion, reducing friction and weight, employment of stop-start technology and even the introduction of bio-fuel-ready vehicles.

"Lamborghini is committed to its policy of environmental management," says the brand's President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann in the press release. "We have an objective to reduce CO2 emissions to the greatest possible degree."


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