Subaru has announced the grand opening of their new museum, dubbed the STI Gallery.

The Tokyo-based museum houses three distinct "zones" which provide visitors with a glimpse of the company's glorious past. When guests step inside the Car Exhibition Zone, they're treated to several Subarus used in racing as well as past and present STI production models. The second zone is the STI Concept area which showcases a series of STI racing parts and paraphernalia. Finally, there's the STI History Zone which features a timeline of STI's motorsport activities and cars.

Currently, the museum is celebrating the release of the new Legacy by exhibiting Colin McRae's Legacy RS which won the WRC New Zealand rally in 1993.

The STI Gallery is located at 3-9-6 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo.  It's open every day 9:30am - 7:00pm except certain holidays and the New Year period.


Gallery: STI Gallery Opens in Tokyo

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