New pick up truck is slated for launch in 2010. It will be powered by the next-generation of VW's common-rail diesels.

Commercial vehicles in Europe don't have the same mystique that pick-ups do in North America. In Europe, those vehicles don't reside within the mythologized realm of the automotive world. They are simply that - commercial vehicles - and VW calls its division Nutzfahrzeuge in German, which directly translates into "use vehicles".

But now VW is trying something different and it has announced that its new pick-up model will be called the Amarok, a name that means "wolf" in the language spoken by the Inuit (native Eskimos in Northern Canada and Greenland).

The Amarok will be built at VW's Pacheco plant outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be powered by VW's next-generation of common-rail diesel engines. It is slated for launch in 2010, first in South and Central America in the first part of the year and then in Europe and Russia in the summer. The Amarok will also be available in Africa and Australia.

One place it's not going is the US and Canada. Despite the troubles of US automakers, maybe a VW truck is still no match for those stalwarts like the Ford F-150 and the Chevy Silverado.


Volkswagen Amarok Name Announced for New Pickup Truck