Gilles Vidal delivers his modern interpretation of the great hot hatch.

205. Three numbers and a huge success for the French manufacturer, which was resurrected thanks to this simple number. Today, the 205 begins a new chapter in its life, gradually stepping into the universe of vintage cars. This is especially true for GTIs, although there is an upward trend for the standard and limited edition variants as well. For example, a Roland-Garros cabriolet was rated at €25,200 (approximately $28,765) at a sale organized in Monaco at the beginning of the month.

Sketchs Peugeot 205 GTI


Gilles Vidal, the current design director in Peugeot, can’t escape the feeling of nostalgia. He has just published in Instagram sketches of a 205 GTI of the 21st century - two different variants of the reinvented sports legend.

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Sketchs Peugeot 205 GTI
Sketchs Peugeot 205 GTI

It was the model with a black and white bi-toned paint that was selected by the design team. But selected for what, that is the whole question. Of course, a pure resurrection of the 205 GTI seems completely impossible at the moment, especially since the 208 GTI already occupies that market niche. On the other hand, who knows, the tricolor manufacturer may be preparing a concept car or something similar. Gilles Vidal does not confirm this possibility, but hey – dreams are free, right?

While waiting to get more details on the project, we can always admire the lines of the winning concept, even if the complete picture is still kept in secret. In its own way, the car evolves the idea of a straight-cut painting, which we find today on the sports models of the brand.

Source: Gilles Vidal on Instagram via Omniauto

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