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Friends, the glorious world of automotive customization knows no boundaries. We say this not in a mocking fashion, just the opposite in fact. There’s room in this big crazy world for all flavors of motoring tomfoolery, and us adults certainly indulge our desires more often than not. Why should kids be excluded from the fun?


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KidStance agrees, which is why this company is turning off-the-shelf kid cars into show-worthy custom rides. And we aren’t just talking about some flashy paint and a few stickers – KidStance will add wings, custom upholstery, audio upgrades, snazzy wheels, and full-on lowering kits. They can even add air-ride suspensions so kids can raise or lower the car with a push of the button.

Of course, such work doesn’t come cheap. According to an article at Fatherly, the average build costs $1,700 including the cost of the car, which tends to be of the Power Wheels variety most of the time. Custom projects can start as low as $500 for budget-minded parents, but the most comprehensive build thus far was a mini 964-era Porsche 911 from 1994 that cost close to $5,000 when all was said and done. The price included restoration of the 23-year old toy as well as functioning gauges, a pop-up stereo system, air-ride suspension, and a leather/suede interior.




Yes, there are a quite a few decent real cars that can be had for that kind of cash, but we aren’t talking real cars here. Denver and Vicktoria Pettigrew are the gearhead parents behind the Florida-based company, which started rather by accident after they tricked up a mini-ride for their one-year old son. The trend caught like wildfire, requests came in, and now they have a thriving business with a backlog of work that stretches into September.

Would you spend $1,700 for a cool customized kid car for your young son or daughter?  We would in a heartbeat, and judging by the company's success, we aren't the only ones.

Source: Fatherly, KidStance

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