2010 is the year of introduction for the new powerful Honda NSX which has been spied a few times already. Is this it?

In Japan things are happening faster than normal. Not that Japan is slow, hardly. But these days supercars are being churned outta Japan like sake at the corner bar. Why just the other day we had the formidable Nissan GT-R coming out of the factory. Toyota is bringing a sports car of its own while its Lexus division can’t seem to make up its mind whether LF-A is a perpetual concept or a future car. Now we have the next Honda NSX being scheduled, and we have a pretty good idea of what it will look like, thanks to Best Car magazine. Expectations are that it will cost even more than the GT-R.

NSX has been testing under mule conditions in Nordschleife last summer. According to the word on the street, NSX aims to hit a time of 7 minutes 30 seconds around there, which would be a Porsche GT beater and possibly GT-R slayer too. How do they plan on achieving such a mad proposition? Well V10 is the engine size of choice, displacing a 4.5-litre engine. Said figures reach over 400kW for power. The car will be sold under the Acura name which is on its way to Japan. Will it live up to the legendary status of its predecessor like the GT-R has proven to?

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