Devon Motorworks is pressing forward with development of a new American supercar. The Devon GTX is scheduled for an August debut, with a 'Ring run set for July.

Nearly two years ago, we told you about former Ford designer Daniel Paulin's ideas for a new American supercar.  The move was a bold step for the Swede, whose previous work ranged from the six-wheeled Thunderbirds FAB1 car to the Ford Focus C-Max.

Back then, his Paulin Motor Company VR Concept was anticipated for 2012.

The evolution of that project appears to be the Devon GTX.  Keeping the same, two-toned color scheme, and an elegant curvature, Paulin's supercar will be unveiled at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.  The car is described in the press release as having a "design [that] navigates between the past and science fiction."

Quite frankly, we couldn't agree more.  If you look at this car with its opened up roof and doors from a 45-degree angle, it looks like the decades-away supercar we dreamed of as children.  But take a look from the side when every hinge is shut, and it looks inspired by the classic cars of the 1940s.

When looking at the car's exterior, it is clear that the GTX has taken quite a bit of inspiration from both the Dodge Viper and Paulin's VR Concept.  No surprise here: Devon has offered $5.5 million to Chrysler for ownership of the Viper model.

Inside, Paulin sites influence from legendary architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  Using a "less is more" motif, Paulin created one of the cleanest looking interiors imaginable.  The interior looks like something you might have seen on a futuristic American concept car before the bean counters ripped it to shreds.  Although trimmed in an odd combination of pearl white, chocolate brown, and piano black, the color scheme actually works on this car.  The center console is nothing if not classy, with seemingly-intuitive controls around a CD-player (DVD?), radio tuner, and two analog meters.  The gearshift is not surrounded by leather or vinyl, but is instead put on display in a chrome-tone with a white knob on top.  The digitally-represented analog information display for the driver appears to retract into the dashboard when the car is parked.

We are very eager to find out more about this car as its August debut approaches.  The Devon GTX will also try for a new world lap record on the Nürburgring in July.