Completely new steering and pedal system called Dynamic On-Road Kinetics.

The Kia KEE Concept was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, but that was not all the New Zealand Advanced Propulsion Research Institute and Laboratory have in stall for us. The Kia KEE_wii concept incorporates a new, dynamic and more involving drive system, called Dynamic On-Road Kinetics.

A wireless controller replaces the conventional steering wheel and pedals. Franz Joseph-Hicks said: “The small controller will turn the car in whichever direction the driver likes whilst accelerator and brakes are button operated.  It is a very simple and intuitive system.” The KEE_wii can thus be controlled from any seat in the car. Mr. Joseph-Hicks continued: “If you are travelling in left or right-hand drive countries you will be able to control the vehicle from the correct seat and if a passenger knows a road particularly well they can take control and make the journey more efficient and faster.  We have patented this newly developed wireless system known as Full Orthopaedic Operating Logic.”

There have been some concerns about visibility in the rear seat, but Kia has developed a fail-safe security system called Independent Driver Input Operating Technique which utilizes radar to avoid accidents.

A major inspiration has come from teenagers who regularly amaze their parents with their driving skills on game consoles. Mr. Joseph-Hicks: “Every parent is embarrassed at the sharp and speedy computer driving skills of their children – it seems obvious to us that if children as young as eight can drift, rally and race their way to multiple world championships on a games console, then this new driving system will be simple enough for anyone to use.”

Kia KEE_wii Concept Revealed