Team Toyota F1 is selling some genuine certified items from its previous racing cars. Prices range from €200 up to €5,000.

Maybe it's a bad omen. Maybe Team Toyota is trying to tell the world something. Maybe this is just paranoia, but when a Formula One team starts selling off parts of its racing cars curiosity is piqued. Team Toyota is selling pieces like T-shirts, caps and key rings on its online shop

But alongside these normal fan pieces are carbon fiber wings, light alloy wheels, brakes and engine covers. These are genuine parts from past Toyota F1 race cars. Prices for these things range from €200 to €5,000. Sadly there are no engines offered for sale. What you can get though is the engine cover for €2,500. Plain rear wings can be had for €600, a brake disc and suspension wishbone for €200 each and a front rim will set you back €200.

What will get you as close to a complete car as possible is the engine cover with the underfloor and rear wing attached. All yours for €5,000. 


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