Now the innovative brand is going further still with the debut today, April 1, of its all-new, hi-tech ‘electro reflective’ exterior panel finish.

Nissan has been leading the way forward with 'self-healing' paint and the use of 'paramagnetic' paint to change the look of a car at the touch of a button, but SEAT has today, April 1, revealed a revolutionary new electro reflective panel finish which constantly adapts to its surroundings.

The technology is based on the electrochromic (auto dimming) rear view mirrors featured in many cars nowadays. Lead engineer, Santos Inocentes, explained: “We started off just fooling around with paint, but soon discovered that electro reflectivity was the future.”

A SEAT UK spokesman said of the new development: “We’re obviously very excited by this dramatically different exterior design feature, which mixes technology and innovation to deliver undeniably surprising results. Quite what happens when an electro reflective car meets a speed camera, though, is anyone’s guess!”

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