Renault is releasing a new, limited edition lineup to the open market.  The Renault Twingo Art Collection will be kept to just 800 units, all going on sale beginning in mid-June.

Using a somewhat better inkjet printing system than your home office printer utilizes, the Art Collection cars will come with one of several different designs printed on the upholstery.  Although this process is not uncommon, Renault claims this is the first time the technique has been used on a car's interior in Europe.  We're no experts on textile inkjet printing, but we do recall a similar process being utilized on the Fiat 500 Diabolik?

"Inkjet printing opens up an incredible range of creative possibilities by allowing 16 million-colour photographic files to be printed onto a white textile," said Renault Design's Antoine Genin.  "Used in conjunction with short-pile velour, the photographic finish is not only soft to the touch, but also complies with our commitment to providing our customers with lasting quality."

Four different designers were asked to submit designs to be used on the upholstery.  In the end, Renault chose Swedish designer Christina Drejenstam's work, "Faces."  In describing her work, Drejenstam said, "For me, this illustration is a sensuous expression of the modern woman. The simplicity of its lines serves to highlight evocative details."

The other designers included French fashion designer Laurène Stein, Australian illustrator Jeremy Somers, and a fourth German stylist, fashion designer, Moritz Rogosky.

Each of the Art Collection vehicles comes with the Pearlescent Black exterior paint job.  The lack of a choice here is rather disappointing, since the cars seem to be an exercise in personal expression.  If that is the case, the consumer should have a say in the color of their car.

You can check out a few demonstration models at the L'Atelier Renault storefront on Paris' legendary Champs-Elysées.  Customers in France may place their orders from 15 June.  The Renault Twingo Art Collection with the 1.2-liter, low-emissions petrol engine has a starting price of €12,050, including a €700 price break for the car's low CO2 emissions.  Getting the normal 1.2-liter engine, with shorter gear ratios but the same power output, removes the price break.  Customers may also choose the even-lower-emissions dCi 65 diesel engine, for an extra €1,600.

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