Check out the video and stills of this proposed Subaru WRX STi. Budding auto designer Lars Mårtensson gives us a glimpse of his 3D rendering.

Our friends over at Jalopnik are showing off the work of one of their audience members.  Lars Mårtensson, a.k.a. "GRID", has designed his own 3D rendering of a Subaru WRX STi concept.

Mårtensson's creation looks a bit like a cross between the legendary Subaru and a Triumph TR7 wedge... and that's not a bad thing.  If there is one thing the WRX line desperately needs is a more unique look.  It's unfortunate that the freshest look for the WRX has to come from fans, and not the automaker.

Mårtensson fresheded up the entire front-end by giving a steeper curve to the headlights.  So steep is this, that the larger air intake, headlights, and narrow honeycomb grille combine to form a nose-and-mouth smiley face.  We do like the modern styling to the lower section of the bumper, with a bigger grille and fog lights built in.  But with such a steep angle from the front end to just in front of the driver's head, we wonder how comfortable this car would be to drive.  However, the completely redesigned rear-section, with center-mount exhaust and contrasting color tones, is a nice touch.

Check out the 40-second video and larger still images, and let us know what you think in the poll below.

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