The artists over at Lehmann have put together two renderings of what the final model might look like.

Recently we spotted the Baby Rolls Royce testing in Munich sporting the body of the BMW 7-series but to give you an idea of what the final model will look like, the artists over at Lehmann have put together two renderings.

Rolls Royce will be looking to build upon the instant success of the Phantom Coupe which has already sold out its entire 2008 production and the inroduction of the new model is only likely to yield the same result with demand far exceeding supply.

The platform for the baby Rolls royce will be shared with the 7-series, but it will be considerably longer. It is also expected to inherit a number of styling elements from the Phantom including rear hinged back doors, a large chrome grille and the retractable hood ornament, however, compared to the big Phantom it will be lower and shorter.

Power will come courtesy of a 440bhp 6.0 litre V12 engine and there are also rumours flying around that a diesel could be introduced at some point. We expect to see the new baby Rolls Royce before the end of the decade.

Rendered Speculation: Baby Rolls Royce