The Chinese manufacturer released a few teaser sketches of their planned concept for Auto China which look srikingly similar to sketches previously released by Seat

Ahead of a planned debut at Auto China later this month Chinese manufacturer Dongnan have released a few teaser sketches of a new concept they plan to show. Previously Dongnan have been collaborating with Chrysler and Mitsubishi on manufacturing, but now they are looking to go it alone.

It is well known that the Chinese manufacturers base many of their designs on european models (see here & here), and we are sure you are readying your fingers on the comments section ready to voice your disapproval of yet another copy so let WCF save you the trouble. Last year Seat announced new C/D segment models along with a couple of sketches and judging by the similarities it appears they are trying to beat Seat to the punch by quickly releasing their own concept, see the image below.

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Dongnan Release Concept Teaser Images