Hints on the next-generation Civic are to be had from Honda's 2011 CR-Z prototype. The model is likely to make an appearance at the Tokyo motor show this October.

Speculation is tough to do on a model such as the Honda Civic, which always comes in so many variations. Unlike the Golf, for example, which is pretty much the same car wherever you go in the world, Honda chooses to create different Civic models depending on the market where it will be sold.

North American models are often larger and forged as compact sedans while in Europe the Honda Civic comes as your standard-issue mid-sized hatchback. And domestically in Japan, as well as in other Asian markets, it comes in its own guise too.

According to Mag-X magazine, Honda is fastidiously at work on all upcoming iterations of the next-generation Honda Civic, which will likely debut in 2011 sometime as a 2012 model. Hints are to be had from the 2011 CR-Z prototype which, hopefully, will make an appearance at the Tokyo motor show this coming October.

The CR-Z hatchback will quite likely share some similarities with the new Civic, including a hybrid drivetrain made up of a 1.5 liter gasoline/petrol engine coupled to Honda's Integrated Motor Assist, along with a choice of a 6-speed manual or a CVT transmission.

Honda keeps having to play catch-up with Toyota's Prius in terms of its hybrid offering, with the Prius having established itself as the model that defines the hybrid car. And a well-received Civic hybrid is essential to the success of the whole Civic range.


2012 Honda Civic Speculation Begins