Demand is particularly high for the premium equipment line “passion”, which is chosen by two out of three buyers worldwide.

The new smart fortwo has only been in production for about a year now and smart has reached its first milestone for the micro car. Yesterday the keys were handed over for the 100.000th smart fortwo by Ulrich Kowalewski to its new owner at the recently re-opened smart Center Munich, Germany.

The new smart fortwo is now officially on sale in 37 countries, but is most popular in Germany and Italy, where about 66.666 smart fortwo's were sold. Of these, 20% are powered by the cdi engine, world's least polluting engine with 88 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer.

“The new fortwo is even more comfortable, more agile, safer, and more environmentally friendly than its successful predecessor,” says Anders Sundt Jensen, who is responsible for brand management at smart.

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