It's every Porsche fan's nightmare.

A Porsche dealership located in Eidelstedt, Hamburg has been the victim of a possible arson related to the Group of Twenty (G20) summit scheduled to start on Friday. No less than 10 cars were completely destroyed by the fire, while another two were unfortunately engulfed by flames as well. Most (if not all) vehicles appear to have been brand new.

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The blaze broke out early in the morning at around 3:55 AM local time, and although close to 40 firefighters rushed over to the scene of the incident, it was already too late for many of the cars sitting in the dealer’s parking lot. The fire was completely put out before 6 AM. According to an early estimation made by Porsche, the damages caused by what might have been an act of violence rack up to more than €1 million ($1.13M).

German media reports local police authorities have expressed their concern it might have been an intentional fire possibly linked to the aforementioned G20 summit, which will gather approximately 100,000 protesters in the coming days. The police don’t have a lead yet regarding the identity of the perpetrators, though Hamburg police chief Ralf Martin Meyer told the press:

“We have to assume that there was a connection between the G20 summit and the arson, but it needs to be proved first.”

The attached footage shows the massive fire took out a wide variety of Porsche models, some of which still had the protective film and were probably on their way to customers. While it's certainly sad to see shiny new cars regardless of make and model being devoured by flames, at least no one got hurt in what is shaping up to be an act of severe vandalism.


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