At £180,000 in United Kingdom and $244,500 in United States, the Range Rover Holland & Holland pictured here was by far Land Rover’s most expensive and luxurious model ever made. We’re using the past tense because it was a special edition offered in limited quantities, so it’s no longer available.

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The Tata Motors-owned company does not have for the moment a vehicle to fully rival the opulent Bentley Bentagya, but that could change in the years to come as an ultra-luxurious range topper is being considered. Aside from going up against the model from Crewe, it would also compete to some extent with the forthcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan. In addition, a Mercedes-Maybach branded SUV will likely happen in a few years from now.

In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Land Rover’s design chief, Gerry McGovern, admitted there is still room in the lineup for a new flagship model to position above the long-wheelbase Range Rover SVAutobiography. If green-lighted for production, it will be more expensive than the current crown jewel of the range, which starts off at £158,350 in the U.K. and from an eye-watering $199,950 in the U.S.

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The model in question might not actually be a new higher-end trim to slot above the SVAutobiography as it could be a different model altogether. At the same time, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be bigger than the Range Rover, as McGovern argues two cars of just about the same size but with different personalities could peacefully co-exist without the risk of eating into each other’s sales as these would target different people.

He went on to specify a new Range Rover to fight the Bentley Bentayga “would have the edge,” adding “Bentley doesn't have the pedigree and authenticity in that particular sector. We've got unquestionable pedigree.”

Shots fired.

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