Vorsteiner's Ventross Nissan GT-R is fitted with extra aerodynamic components made from proprietary carbon fiber. These "minor" improvements should result in better performance overall.

Vorsteiner will offer its Ventross Nissan GT-R from the 1st of June 2009. While this may be so, the tuned car will not be mass-produced so to speak. The components will be made to order for GT-R customers who want them. Ventross hopes this approach will ensure optimal fitment and the highest quality for each piece installed.

The package is an exterior aerodynamic one and consists of two components. The first one is the front fascia. It incorporates enlarged carbon fiber air intakes for the radiators. It also includes an extra source of cooling air for the brakes in the form of side louver openings. An aggressive front spoiler completes the look. Carbon fiber was used to construct the whole front end. This is a special proprietary dry carbon fiber made by Vorsteiner themselves using vacuum technology which minimises weight and maximises strength.

The second new component is the rear diffuser which is made of the same Vorsteiner carbon fiber. Ventross replaced the plastic factory unit with a carbon fiber version which has three integrated diffuser fins. The fins have central heat extraction vents that help to cool the exhaust system.

There are no performance figures available but it can be assumed that with better cooling and a more focussed diffuser the Ventross GT-R will outperform its standard counterpart, a car that makes 353kW (480hp) and does 0 - 100km/h in 3.6 seconds.


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