2009 Toyota Avensis is on for a Geneva 2009 public debut. Spied here again in standard black heavy camouflage, Avensis sedan and estate are unmistakable in their relation to new Corolla.

The heavy black attire chosen by Toyota for their latest Avensis couldn’t keep our spies from recognising the top-end Japanese model. Aiming to come into market next year, Toyota is busy readying its flagship saloon car for unveiling, probably at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, although we would have kindly preferred the earlier Paris Motor Show. Detroit may steal the show as well, if America is a prime destination for Avensis. A possibility, but positioning could be problematic as this car has replaced Camry in some markets and Toyota is not about to pull its cash cow out of its US kraal.

A few pieces of info we already have confirm the use of several engine derivatives that use petrol/ gasoline, diesel and hybrid technologies to power the car. Remember Toyota is exceptionally keen on keeping the green image strong going forward, so nothing hectic like a gas-guzzling V8 will be spotted inside these cars. This applies to both sedan and wagon, dubbed Combi, but not both will be available for sale in every market.

Fresh New Toyota Avensis Sedan & Estate Spy Pics