Nissan GT-R beat its previous record on the Nordschleife circuit at Nurburgring with a time of 7 min and 26.7 seconds.

Nissan has scored a new record lap time for its GT-R at the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit with a sprint around the track on April 23rd coming in at 7 minutes and 26.7 seconds.

The GT-R beat its previous record, set a few days earlier on April 15, of 7 minutes 27.56 seconds.

The new record time is a milestone for Nissan, an elbow nudge at the more snooty Euro-centric car folks who may be a little too provincial about their dominance of endurance races at tracks like the Nurburgring.

But more importantly, its the democratic principle at work here. The GT-R is a more populist model, and the track time is meant to impress customers who opt for it over its more illustrious and expensive premium counterparts from the likes of Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

Says Kazutoshi Mizuno, Nissan's Chief Vehicle Engineer and Chief Vehicle Specialist, "We would like to continue delivering the passion and pride of ownership to our customers by improving its performance every year."

They're not so much about winning titles as much as they are about winning the hearts and minds of potential customers out there watching. And that's how you sell cars.


Nissan GT-R Once Again Breaks Previous April 15th Record Lap Time at Nurburgring