Plant tours are free and can be booked online. Porsche's Leipzig plant produces the Panamera and Cayenne models. The Panamera was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai show on April 19 and arrives in dealer showrooms in Europe starting in September.

Porsche has once again opened up its Leipzig plant to the public, allowing tours of the facility where the new Porsche Panamera is built.

Tours of the plant had been suspended for 8 months due to construction, as Porsche expanded the plant by 22,000 square meters to accommodate the increased production capacity required to assemble the new Panamera model.

Visitors are now permitted to experience the assembly of the Panamera at the Leipzig plant, located in the German state of Saxony, where the Cayenne SUV is also built. Tours are free and can be booked online at

The Panamera is 4-door, 4-seat coupe/Gran Turismo model that will come with a couple of high-powered V8 engines, 400 hp for the rear-wheel drive Panamera S and all-wheel drive for the Panamera 4S and Panamera Turbo which packs 500hp, as well as a 300hp V6 for the base Panamera. Porsche promises a hybrid version will follow sometime later. The Panamera was premiered at the Auto Shanghai event on April 19 and will go on sale in Europe starting in September.


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