Honda sold 10,481 units of the Insight hybrid vehicle in Japan for the month of April. It was the first time ever that a hybrid vehicle led in monthly auto sales in Japan.

Some good news for Honda and for hybrid fans too. The Honda Insight was the number one selling vehicle for the month of April in Japan.

According to sales figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Honda sold 10,481 units of the Insight last month alone. The new Honda Insight was released in February 2009 in Japan. It was the first time ever that a hybrid car held the lead in Japanese monthly sales.

And Honda is doing well overall in Japan, with its Fit being the best-selling vehicle for 2008 and still going strong this year, topping sales for March and coming in second to the Insight for April.

Still, with falling auto sales in the US (including hybrids), a key market for hybrid vehicles, and US gas prices at very consumer-friendly low-levels, it will be a struggle for Honda, or any automaker with a hybrid on the market, to achieve the same thing in the United States. And Europe too will prove to be a challenge, given the market power of diesels in the largest markets there such as German, France and Italy.


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