980 euro "bonnet mascot" is made of brass and plated with highly polished chrome. German tuner Aden also calls it a radiator figure. It is removable and comes with a lock to protect against theft.

It's not often that a tuner puts out a press release essentially announcing it has a new hood ornament.

Seriously, this story is about a 980 euro "bonnet mascot" by Aden for a Bentley Continental GTC. That's 980 euros not including tax. It takes 30 minutes to mount. Okay, got ya.

German tuner Arden, who normally do their handy work on Jaguars and Range Rovers, are now offering this "bonnet mascot/radiator figure" for the Continental GTC made by hand from solid brass and plated with highly polished chrome.

But you know its a German tuner when they tout how their hood ornament meets all the proper regulations for road safety and provide what is surely a very reliable lock to protect against theft. The bonnet mascot is also easily removable, for those occasions when the owner needs to flaunt their ownership without actually taking the trouble of having to walk the skeptical party to their shiny new Bentley.

Who knows, maybe there's a hoard of Bentley owners just anxiously awaiting for one of these bonnet mascots. Yes, and Arden also refers to it as a "radiator figure". Let's go with that moniker.


Arden Presents Bentley Continental GTC... hood ornament