Fuel saving and energy efficient systems introduced by Audi are aimed at cutting down the company's 2007 fuel consumption figure by 20% by 2012. They will be fitted starting this year.

Audi will introduce an onboard computer system fitted with something called the efficiency program as well as the familiar start-stop system. These technologies are part of the solutions that Audi will use to cut down fuel consumption levels by 20% on 2007 levels by the year 2012.

Additionally the energy recovery system is installed. It is already available as standard specification in a number of Audi models. What it does is to feed energy back into the vehicle's electrical system during deceleration in order to further improve efficiency.

The start-stop system works by shutting down the engine when the car comes to a halt. As the driver pushes the clutch the engine starts again. The system can be switched off manually at any time by pressing a button. Audi estimates that in the regular Euro cycle fuel consumption is lowered by 0.2 litres per 100km. C02 emissions are consequently reduced by 5 g/km. Cars that will receive the system first are the manual versions of the A3 1.4 TFSI, the A4 and A5 with 2.0-litre engines.

The onboard computer with the efficiency programme comes with consumption-related data that is shown on the centre display. Drivers are then given recommendations for more efficient driving, depending on their style and the prevailing road situation. There is even a gearshift indicator to prompt drivers to change gears at the most ideal gear times. Also, systems that require extra energy to operate, like the air conditioning and seat warmers, are identified by the efficiency programme.


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