Mercedes-Benz is bringing their BlueTEC SUV lineup to Europe, claiming a successful run in the States. That is, if you define success only by the number of celebrities who drive the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz is bringing their BlueTEC SUV lineup to Europe. Although the automaker claims the lineup is successful Stateside -and should be even more so where diesel is more accepted - they opted not to provide sales details. Instead, they try to back up their claim of success solely by listing every celebrity who owns one. Of course, we can't be sure which of the A- through D-listers actually purchased their vehicles, and who received one as a promotional gift.

In case your curious, some of the celebs who own a BlueTEC SUV include Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber, Gary Oldman, Kim Catrall, Kyle MacLachlan, and the will-not-go-away William Baldwin. Singers Emmy Rossum and Sheryl Crow supplied quotes for the press release, but they're way too cheerleadery to restate (read the press release below if you really want to know).

Onto the vehicle: three BlueTEC SUVs are available for order now, with European delivery beginning in September. The SUVs are powered by a 211hp engine that generates a massive maximum torque of 540 Nm. Purchasers of the vehicle will get similar tax credits and rebates as those who purchase a hybrid. Owners will be able to claim up to €1,400 for purchasing one of the SUVs, which marginally offsets the high price.

Available for purchase are the ML 350 BlueTEC, for €48,400, the R 350 BlueTEC, for €50,100, and the GL 350 BlueTEC, for €60,850. Sadly, those starting prices do not include value added tax. It is unclear if these vehicles will only be available with the 4MATIC transmission. The Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC technology reduces emissions typically caused by diesel engines, versus petrol engines. The automaker injects a "water-based urea solution" (gross?) into the exhaust system, reducing the output of nitrogen oxides by up to 80 percent.

Those looking to purchase and hold onto the vehicle for several years will be happy to know that the 4MATIC models already meet EU-6 standards.

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