On the eve of General Motors' 100th anniversary, Ford Motor Company showed it's love by illuminating select office windows at it's World Headquarters showing a special message congratulating GM on achieving their centennial milestone.

Below is the memo sent out to Ford employees reminding them to keep their blinds open:

Subject: WHQ Illumination for GM's 100th Anniversary
A few years back we celebrated our 100th year in business…and what a great 100 years it was. On Tuesday, September 16th General Motors will be celebrating its 100th year anniversary.
As a sign of goodwill and to offer our congratulations, WHQ will be illuminating the south side of the building Monday night commemorating their 100th Birthday.
This will be accomplished by strategically opening and closing specific blinds on the south side of the building. On Monday, September 15 please do not change the position or direction of your blinds to ensure that WHQ is brightly illuminated for the 100th Anniversary of General Motors. We ask your cooperation and thank you for helping us make Ford Motor Company shine.

Later today at 08:30 am EST GM will stream their Centennial Celebrations live. The Broadcast will highlight technologies, global products, GM leaders and future leaders from around the world. Watch the Live Feed HERE on WCF!

Ford Wishes GM a Happy 100th Anniversary