Running on chocolate waste and vegetable oils, the WorldFirst F3 race car makes use of other vegetation for parts.

University of Warwick scientists have built a Formula 3 car that runs on biofuel, but not the conventional kinds we're used to hearing about. The AP is reporting on the "WorldFirst Formula 3 racing car" that runs on "waste from chocolate factories" and could reach a top speed of 145 mph.

With a steering wheel, seat, and body built from plant fibers, the car can also utilizes vegetable oils. Scientists converted the oils and choco waste into a new, potentially delicious, fuel.  Some of the vegetation used include carrots and other root vegetables, flax, and soy.

Although the AP was unable to verify the car's details, the video looks fairly convincing.  The engine has a good sound, and it seems evident that the driver never really pushed the pedal down all the way.  The AP reports that the car is built to F3 size, weight, and performance restrictions. Full track testing is slated to begin within a few weeks, according to the scientists. So far, they have only managed to get the vehicle up to 60 mph. Those wanting to check out the oddity may do so at either the European Grand Prix, or the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the car will be on display.


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