Nissan may be planning a sports car with a fuel economy figure of 35mpg. If the rumours are true then a 370Z Hybrid is on the cards for the year 2011.

New information from Japan suggests that Nissan is planning a 370Z Hybrid to be released towards the end of 2011. Word is that the company has plans for a hybrid system for the upcoming Fuga sedan (Infiniti M35 and Infiniti M45 in some markets). The Fuga sedan is due out later this year as a 2010 model.

This picture shows a 370Z with a Hybrid logo on the front bumper. What is not yet certain is whether the logo is the genuine article or a Photochop job.

The petrol engine will displace 3.7-litres and be coupled to an electric motor. Two clutches will drive the whole system, one between the engine and the electric motor while the other one will sit between the electric motor and the drive wheels. There will also be a highly economical full plug-in EV mode for city driving, ideal for places where charging stations are available. Estimates point to a fuel economy figure of 35mpg for the 370Z Hybrid.

Technology giant NEC will partner with Nissan in manufacturing the hi-tech lithium ion battery pack which is said to have about twice the energy density of the typical nickel metal hydride batteries used in a lot of the current hybrids.

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